Digital vs. industrial economy

Hmm…, the digital economy is different…

In the classical industrial economy, the process is as follows:

  1. The manufacturer looks and pays for funding. He makes the product considering the end users’ needs. In the end, the manufacturer recovers his costs and makes a profit selling the product.
  2. The end-customer buys and pays for the product. He is now the owner and he will pass it to his heirs at the end of his life.

By contrast, in the digital economy:

The end-user does not pay for the service (, etc.). The manufacturer can get free funding (, etc.) and their workers do the work without asking for money and with no contract (, etc.). In addition, the manufacturer does not care about customers’ needs, but manages to sell them something they have always needed without knowing it! (Apple, etc.). Finally, the customer carries the product ownership with him to his grave (iTunes, etc..); his heirs have nothing to do.

Now that’s a real paradigm shift!

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