With a creative mood, I’ve always liked the transition zones: between science and humanities, between technology and art, between land and water… The richest events and the most spectacular advances use to originate there, giving birth to a high level of innovation.

We are living in uncertain times, with innumerable ruptures in classical models in all areas: social, economic, technological and environmental. We are thus in a transition time. Therefore, innovation will be needed, but it will also emerge as a consequence of the transition itself.

In this uncertain times, the digital option is a great source of innovation, providentially and recently emerged. Everyday, the digital economy revolutionizes the traditional way of doing things, at an unprecedent rate. It is thus a key element for a successful search for new paradigms.

As a Civil Engineer, I have developed a long career with different managerial positions within the water management field, both in Spain (where I live now) and internationally. This has made me realize the fundamental importance (and urgency!) of finding new ways of doing things, new conceptual, organizational, operational, economic, and business models.

Within that context and following my proposal, Agbar / Aqualogy set up in early 2012 the new Business Innovation Department and gave me the responsibility of its management, thereby giving me the opportunity to work with a professional approach in the digital economy area, and dramatically opening new possibilities for innovation.

In any case, this blog is not about my career in my company, but rather about my personal thoughts and opinions about digital, innovation and entrepreneurship areas, focusing on water and cities for obvious reasons. Consequently, you will find here my strictly personal view and opinions, written under my own and exclusive responsibility.

Digital technology greatly facilitates collaborative work and the dissemination and contrast of ideas between close or distant people with similar and different cultures, in a local and global world at once. And this creates a particularly fruitful breeding ground for innovation. Many people and institutions have given me an extremely valuable and unlimited knowledge through the Internet, free of charge and without expecting any acknowledgement from me. By means of this blog I would like to thank their efforts -even partially- and to contribute to this open and collaborative work by which we all are building a better world for all.


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