On the smart city concept

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From 2011 the statistics show very clearly that there is a boom in the searches and in the number of news that Google publishes on Smart Cities in Spain.

Trends on smart cities in Spain. Source: Google trends, 19/8/12

The Smart City concept has always seemed very odd to me. Indeed, you can hear at conferences and seminars that it is not a well-defined one. Everyone uses it a bit according to his personal criteria. It is commonly assumed as dealing with the use of information and communications technologies, sustainability, quality of life in cities, etc. But everyone uses it at his will and according to his own interests. There are those who think that there should be a standardization, so that everybody could agree on a specific unique and universal meaning. Without neglecting the obvious advantages of standardization, it seems to me that in some contexts this lack of precise definition is one of the main advantages of the concept, as we will see below. Read more of this post


Smart Cities water management

[Versión en castellano]

As it is well-known, the smart city concept has gained acknowledgement in recent times among people and public and private institutions who manage the city, urban service providers and ITCs. As we know, this concept is aimed to improve efficiency, sustainability and quality of life in cities, by means of the high potential of today’s information and telecommunication technology. Read more of this post

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