Smart city in context (1): Competitiveness (Part 2): citizens

[Versión en castellano]

SmartCity TagsIn principle, the smart city should be paradise for citizens. But so far, in practice, they have had little to do with its definition. In fact, most of them declare to ignore the meaning of this concept. However, it is also true that in the Smart City Expo & World Congress in Barcelona last November, it was possible to detect a stronger trend to include citizens opinions when developing this concept.

In any case, in line with previous articles on this blog, I think that there is a strong link between  the smart city concept and competitiveness from the citizens’ point of view yet. So, as a citizen I am also, the more I would like to live in a particular city, the smarter it is for me. And I think this is -or should be- the criteria to be used by those responsible for urban management when deciding to make theirs a smart city.

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