Smart city in context (1): Competitiveness (Part 3): the municipality

[Versión en castellano]

SmartCity TagsIn earlier posts, I presented my vision on how the smart city concept encourages competitiveness in businesses and citizens. In the present one, I will present how competitiveness is perceived and set up by the public administrators responsible for managing the city.

In general, these managers have a twofold goal with their management:

  1. Improving the current and future performance and quality of life of their city, and
  2. Doing so in such a way that their citizens perceive it in an absolutely clear way.

In this context, it is clear that a concept such as smart city comes in handy. And the associated competitiveness is clearly shown when we see that most municipal officials work to get theirs a smarter city than the others. And this is good, because it is a clear and viral incentive to improve the quality of life in all the cities.

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